At Sara’s Cottage we want to make everyone’s stay as enjoyable as possible. We are committed to providing suitable access for all our guests, whatever their individual needs.

This access guide does not contain our personal opinion as to the suitability of the cottage for those with access needs. It aims to describe accurately the facilities and services we offer to our guests to give you the confidence to book in line with your specific requirements.

Please check that the access is suitable for your needs and please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in any doubt.

Sara’s Cottage is rated at Mobility Level 1 (M1) and Mobility Level 2 (M2) by Visit England under the National Accessible Scheme plus Visual Level 1 (V1) and Hearing Level 1 (H1).

M2 means that the cottage is deemed suitable for a person who is a part-time wheelchair user. We have many full-time wheelchair users stay but before you need to check this guide before booking to ensure that the cottage is suitable for your individual needs.

Please note: wheelchair users need to be able to transfer themselves to the right in order to use the toilet in the wet room.

M1 means that the cottage is also deemed suitable for older and/or less mobile guests.

We have available the following extra equipment for your use and which needs to be requested in advance of your stay:

  • Self-propelled Aquatec Shower and Commode wheelchair.
  • Smaller wheeled shower chair (not self-propelled).
  • Static shower chair.
  • Toilet seat raiser of 100mm.
  • Free standing toilet surround frame.
  • Bed blocks of 90mm (can only be used when the bed is split into singles).
  • Adjustable bed backrest.
  • Folding bed rail.
  • Over-bed table.
  • Perching stool (ideal for use in the kitchen).
  • Upright fireside chair – H110cm, W70cm, Seat H53cm,W50cm,D46cm
  • Compact Power Riser Recliner chair – H104cm, W80cm, D85.5cm. This
    chair is placed in the main living room instead of the armchairs.
  • Static Commode Chair.

Download Access Guide

Download a PDF Version of our access guide to read at your leisure.


Please note: The Aquatec Commode Chair will not fit over the toilet due to the waste pipe prohibiting the chair going far enough backwards. A guest therefore needs to be able to transfer to their right to use the toilet. The chair can be used as a night time commode. The maximum weight-load of our equipment is 150kg/23stone. If you need any other equipment collecting in preparation of your stay please give us at least one week’s notice as we cannot collect on a changeover day.


At Sara’s Cottage we offer luxury accommodation that is dementia & autism friendly – as well as accessible. 

Blue Badge Permit

If you are a Blue Badge holder you might be able to apply for a parking permit to park for free in Cornwall Council car parks, please see the link below:

Level Access

The front entrance has level access with a ramp. The ramp is concrete and permanent. There are no steps inside the cottage which is all on one level.

There is level access from the main front door (800mm wide) to:

  • The hall which is 1240mm wide. The hall table restricts the width to 790mm. The table can be removed upon request.
  • Bedroom 2: Super-king or twin beds.
  • Bedroom 3: King or twin beds.
  • Lounge.
  • Family Bathroom.
  • From the lounge there is level access to Bedroom 1 and the Conservatory.

Access with steps

There are steps from the back path to:

  • Raised lawn.
  • There is also a grass sloped access area to the lawn from the left side of the cottage. 


  • We have non-feather luxury quality bedding in all bedrooms.
  • We have Egyptian cotton linen.
  • We have three bedrooms in total.
  • Two bedrooms have accessible en-suites see below for further information.
  • All bedrooms are on the ground level.
  • All light switches are no more than 1100mm high.



  • The television in the lounge has subtitles.
  • There is a Geermarc LoopHear portable induction loop available
  • There are eight ceiling tilting spotlights in the kitchen area to enable lip reading
  • A hearing or assistance dog is more than welcome
  • There is a Geofire Agrippa Acoustic Digital Pillow alarm available which includes a flashing alarm
  • Holidays can be booked on-line or via the post


  • We can provide any information in large print on request.
  • You can park outside the front door where there is a slight concrete ramp which is highlighted in yellow.
  • We can give a familiarisation tour on arrival.
  • We have black door handles on all doors which provide a good contrast to the doors.
  • Wardrobe door handles are black.
  • There are no steps in the cottage.
  • There is a permanent concrete ramp to the front door.
  • The wet-room has a movement sensitive light by the toilet for use at night.
  • We have a movement sensitive light which can be placed anywhere in the bedroom for night time guidance.
  • There is an emergency pull cord in the wet-room and a hand bell in the bedroom.
  • The bathroom radiators are chrome and provide a good contrast to the walls.
  • All bathrooms have contrasting fixed grab rails.
  • There are three steps to the lawn the edges of which are highlighted in yellow.
  • The edge of the patio is highlighted in yellow.
  • There is a laminated Fire Safety instruction sheet in the hall which is printed in large font on a yellow background.
  • Light switches can be  highlighted with day-glo tape or a Bumpon.
  • We have coloured drinking glasses.
  • There is a RNIB liquid level indicator available.
  • There is a back lit magnifying glass available.
  • There is a small pair of binoculars for bird watching.
  • There is a Dycem yellow non slip cup holder and mat available.
  • Bumpons are available for you to use during your stay.
  • A guide dog is more than welcome.
  • Doormats can be removed upon request.


All light switches are 110cm high and all internal doorways are 80cm wide apart from the doorway leading to the en-suite in Bedroom 1 (purple room) which is 75cm wide. There are no steps inside the cottage. The external doorways leading to the patio from the garden room and from Bedroom 2 (main accessible bedroom) are level. Bedrooms 1 and 3 each have a step from their French style doors to the outside rear path making them unsuitable as an exit for a wheelchair user. Any smaller items of furniture are removable at your request for ease of access. All bedding is non-feather. The cottage sleeps 6 plus a cot with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. All our accessible equipment is provided at no extra cost and must be requested in advance of your stay.

  • Mobility Level One – Older and less mobile guests
  • Mobility Level Two – Part-time wheelchair user


Getting around inside


There are three bedrooms all on the ground floor:

  • Bedroom 2 – Super-king zip and link.
  • Bedroom 1 – King.
  • Bedroom 3 – King zip and link.
  • Bedroom 2 has a window and door with level access to the outside patio.
  • Bedrooms 1 and 3 have French style doors which can be opened on a security lock for ventilation. There is one step to the outside from these bedrooms.
  • All bedrooms have ceiling lights, bedside lamps and natural daylight.
  • All bedrooms are non-smoking.
  • All bedrooms have non-feather bedding.
  • We can move the bedroom furniture, to improve accessibility if required.

Level access Bedroom with wet-room

Accessible Bedroom (red room) Super-king zip and link bed and wet-room.

This bedroom is graded by Visit England as being suitable for a guest who is a part time wheelchair user at Mobility Level Two.

  • The bedroom door is 800mm wide. There is 1300mm at the side of the bed by the wet room door.
  • The bed is 540mm high. There is 50mm under the bed.
  • There are bed blocks of 90mm available.
  • The door to the outside and patio is 860mm wide with no step.
  • There is a low removable clothes rail in the wardrobe which you can use sitting down.
  • There is a dressing table with a clearance height of 600mm.
  • There is a solid wooden chair with arms.
  • The bedroom is flexible (either super-king or twin).
  • There is a turning circle of 1250mm in the bedroom.
  • There is a wall mounted TV with DVD facility and remote control.
  • The wet-room is en-suite. The wet-room door is 800mm wide.
  • The wet-room has a level access shower. There is a choice of shower chairs available.
  • There is a grab bar in the shower and an anti-slip mat is provided.


  • There is a hand held shower head which can be lowered to 1200mm from the floor.
  • There is also a top rain shower head.
  • There is a turning circle of 1500mm when shower screen is folded.
  • The direction of transfer onto the toilet is to the right.
  • There is more than 1000mm on the transfer side of the toilet and 30mm on the non-transfer side.
  • When facing the toilet there is a dropdown rail on the right and a fixed rail on the left.
  • The toilet has a fixed handrail on the non-transfer side (left) and a dropdown bar on the (right) transfer side.
  • There is 1000mm in front of the toilet. The toilet seat is 510mm high.
  • The taps are lever operated.
  • The basin is wall hung with a space of 710mm underneath, with no pedestal or boxing.
  • There is a magnified vanity mirror on the wall at 1100mm high.
  • There is a suction wall mirror available.
  • There is a toilet surround available on request.
  • There is a toilet seat raiser of 100mm available.
  • There is a motion sensor light guiding you to the toilet at night.

Accessible Bedroom (Purple room) – King size bed

This bedroom is graded by Visit England as being suitable for a guest with limited Mobility at Level 1.

  • Suitable for a guest at Mobility Level 1- i.e. the less mobile
  • This bedroom is accessed from the main living room and is separate from the other two bedrooms. Door width into the bedroom is 80cm.
  • King size bed 153cm (5ft), height 65cm to top of mattress and length 210cm.
  • Non feather luxury quality duvet and pillows and Egyptian cotton linen.
  • Clearance from the end of the bed to the wall 150cm. Space left of bed 60cm and right 75cm.
  • There is a chest of drawers 40cm deep which can be removed leaving a large clear space of 150cm deep 200cm wide.
  • There is a fitted wardrobe with plenty of hanging space at 150cm high and a handle height of 100cm.
  • Two bedside cabinets 65cm high with lamps.
  • Ceiling light and carpeted floor.
  • Double doors 110cm wide with one step leading to the rear path.

En suite size 1.5m x 2.35m – door width 75cm

  • Rectangular shower cubicle 140cm x 65cm with an opening width of 57cm and a step height of 11cm.
  • Washbasin 85cm high.
  • Wall hung magnified shaving/make-up mirror to the left of the sink at 115cm high.
  • Toilet seat height 45cm (toilet seat raiser of 10cm is available).
  • Space beside toilet to the wall is 25cm and 38 cm to sink on the right.
  • Flooring is white ceramic tiling.
  • Grab handles are located in the shower cubicle and to the wall side of the toilet.
  • A shower anti-slip mat is supplied.

Lounge, Conservatory and Family Bathroom


  • From the main entrance to the lounge, there is level access. The route is 1250 mm wide restricted to 790mm by the hall table which can be removed. The door into the lounge is 800mm wide.
  • There is a wood burning stove.
  • There is a heat alarm and carbon monoxide alarm.
  • The lounge area is open plan with the kitchen.
  • There is a fire safety rechargeable torch in the lounge.
  • Double doors with a width of 1000mm lead to the conservatory.


  • From the lounge, there is level access. The route is 800mm wide, or more. The double doors leading to the conservatory from the lounge are 1000mm wide.
  • There is a large 3 seater sofa and two armchairs.
  • One of the armchairs can be removed to facilitate a wheelchair.
  • Double doors with a width of 1550mm lead to the patio.

Family Bathroom

  • Accessed from the hallway with a door width of 800mm.
  • Washbasin height 800mm with lever taps and shaver point at 1100mm high.
  • Bath height 800mm with shower over and a grab rail.
  • Tap turners are provided.
  • A 100mm high step and extra suction grab bars are provided.
  • A anti-slip mat is provided.
  • When facing the toilet a grab handle is located on the left side of the toilet.

Garden and outside

  • From the front door to the garden there are no steps.
  • There are no steps from the conservatory to the patio.
  • It is possible for a wheelchair user to access the patio using the level path around the right side of the cottage or from conservatory and Bedroom 2.
  • The laundry room is outside by the cottage gate and has a steep concrete ramp leading to the door. The door width is 900mm.


Lawn Area

  • From the left side of the cottage there is level access to the back lawn.

Patio area

  • From the conservatory to the patio there is level access. The doors from the conservatory are 1550mm wide.
  • To get to the table there are no steps.
  • The table is 760mm high with clear under space.
  • The door from Accessible Bedroom 2 also leads to the patio.

Customer Care – Accessibility equipment

  • We provide extra mobility equipment as listed above free of charge.
  • The nearest toilet area for assistance dogs is the garden.
  • You can store a mobility scooter in one of our barns.
  • You can hire a Tramper Mobility Scooter from Countryside Mobility by telephoning 07958 517919.
  • You can hire a Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair by telephoning 01872 491408 or 07540 181147.

Emergency evacuation procedures

  • We have emergency evacuation procedures noted in the cottage and on our Guest Planner.

Self-Catering Kitchen

  • We have an open plan kitchen.
  • From the main entrance to the kitchen, there is level access.
  • The route is 800mm wide or more.
  • The door is 800mm wide.
  • All work surfaces and cooker hob are 900mm high.
  • There is no clear space under the worktops for a wheelchair.
  • The table is in the kitchen area at a height of 770mm.
  • The table is 1600mm x 700mm and can be made smaller to 1100mm long when not in use.
  • There are four dining chairs with no arms and two carver style chairs with arms. The arm height is 620mm. All chairs have a seat height of 450mm.
  • The sink is 900mm high.
  • The fridge freezer has three drawers starting at ground level and the fridge compartment is at the top starting at a height of 820mm.
  • The grill and smaller second oven in the Rangemaster oven is 700mm high with the main oven underneath.
  • Most of the crockery is kept in the base units and all of it can be moved upon request.
  • There is a minimum of 900mm clearance around the kitchen area.


  • We have a car park large enough for 3 cars. The parking area is part concrete part gravel.
    The concrete area of the parking space is 2 metres from the main entrance and large enough to accommodate two cars. There is a slight concrete rise to the front door which is accessible by a wheelchair user.
  • If you need help unloading please let us know in advance so the we can help you.

Travel by Public Transport

  • You can get to Truro by bus and train. Both are 2.6 miles away. There is an accessible taxi service available.

Travel by taxi

  • You can hire a taxi with A2B taxis Truro – 01872 272989 or click here for their website. The taxi company has a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  • With prior notice we may be able to pick you up from Truro.

Getting here

Carrine Farm Kea, Truro, Cornwall TR3 6EB

Click the image below for directions.

Guest support

  • Guest information is on-line in the Guest Planner.
  • Should you need a large print copy of any information please ask.
  • Mobile phone reception is generally very good.
  • We can provide a telephone in the cottage and all calls must be paid for before departure.
  • There are plenty of ideas for Accessible days out on our website and on our Guest Planner. Printed copies can be provided as can help from us during your stay.
  • In the event of an emergency at night please telephone our landline 01872 279608 for assistance. During the day the best number is Diane’s mobile 07917 147281.

Extra equipment can be hired from: